Flight Simulation

When i am not working in our company or preparing myself for school, I am flying around the world. But not in real life as it is a little bit expensive. So in 2010 I decided to buy a flight simulator. First it was FS 2004 and FS X, witch where both good simulators, when you bought tons of addons...

At the end of 2014 I bought the in my opinion greatest simulating platform in the world: X-Plane 10. It features so much cool things and has a great community. But most important is the static growth of this simulator. 

I build myself a home cockpit for X-Plane 10 which is not as you would image. It is using only monitors to show the cockpit of the plane, and so you have the ability to fly every plane you want to. All in all the simulator uses 3 PCs (Using 20 Processors, 5 Graphic Cards and 32 GB of Memory). It gives you really the experience of flying.

At the moment I am planning  a new server solution for the simulator. I am building the servers in a fridge modified by us in the beginning with temperature control ending with to high end compressors and a water cooling system. But more of this project will be shown, when I´m finished with the construction.

The cockpit itself is nearly complete now , only waiting for the servers to  be ready.

The newest version of X-Plane 11, could be intresting, but I´m missing some basic parts of the simulator, like the settings menu. But as it is still beta, lets see what the developers make out of it

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