Computers and IT

I started to get interested in computers in 2009, when I build my first computer together with my dad.

Later I started programming in Java and C as well as in Assembler

Today I am building computers, servers and programming micro controllers.

A very important step for me personally and for our company was to use Linux as an operating System, especially Debian and for desktops Linux Mint. Linux has so much functions you could never imagine on windows machines. But the important point for me was, that I can look into the source code, modify it as i need it and know, that there aren´t any back doors for spying organizations. Linux is such a great OS, I don´t want to use Windows again. Especially since Windwos 10 released my decision was clear. A operating system that tries to track me is simply not what I want. The usability should be the first point and with Windwos 10 or the Server Editions you defenetly dont get complete control over your mashine. Thats sad. Because I am working in our company, I also get a feeling for high end security and thinking about complex security problems. In these days where everyone owns a smartphone, PC etc. it is getting more and more important to have an eye on security of your personal data as well. And as data is the money of tomorrow, even you should care about that.


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